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Our Services

Reliable, Customer Focus, & Experienced Staffing Solutions

General Labour Staffing

General Labour

Staffing Logistics offers general labour staffing to companies who want to ensure their workforce needs are always met. We provide qualified employees with the skills and abilities necessary for helping businesses complete their day-to-day operations on time and efficiently.

Material Handler Staffing Service image

Material Handlers

Staffing Logistics is the perfect material handler staffing solution for your business. With Staffing Logistics, you can focus on your business operations instead of worrying about finding and managing quality labor to handle your materials. Our comprehensive solution is designed to meet your needs.

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Staffing Logistics is the ultimate picker and packer staffing solution. With nearly two decades of experience in a wide variety of industries, we know what it takes to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Our robust network of personnel ensures that each job is staffed with experienced professionals.

Bakery Workers Staffing

Bakery Workers

Staffing Logistics is an innovative, one-stop-shop for bakery worker staffing solutions. Our comprehensive staffing solutions make it easier than ever to find the perfect workers for your bakery business. We understand the importance of providing reliable employees that can meet your unique needs.

Food Processor Staffing

Food Processors

Staffing Logistics is the perfect solution for any food processor looking to meet their staffing needs efficiently and cost-effectively. With many years of experience in the food industry, we understand that it can be challenging to source qualified employees who match your organizational culture and fit within your budget.

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Administrative Staff

Staffing Logistics is a world-class staffing service that specializes in administrative staffing. Our focus is on finding and providing the highest quality and most suitable staff for your business needs. We take great pride in delivering an individualized approach to staffing services.

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Shippers & Receivers

Staffing Logistics is the perfect solution for any business that needs assistance with shipping and receiving staffing. Our team of experienced professionals can help simplify your process and make it simpler to track orders, monitor their progress, and stay organized with your workload.

Staffing Logistics Solution Services provider

Machine Operators

Welcome to Staffing Logistics! We specialize in providing machine operators for staffing needs. Our team of experts has extensive experience engaging and matching the best qualified individuals with employers’ high-volume and ongoing staffing needs.